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the world is quiet here... [entries|friends|calendar]
you can call me sex

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[17 Oct 2004|01:33am]
[ mood | SORRY ]

okay guys. im SO SORRY. *looks around nervously*

im switching LJs (again)

eep. *sheilds self*


yeah thats right with TWO underscores in front. im SO sorry but jethro_walrus is the GAYEST name EVER, dudes. i like this one more and whatnot. and it'll all be public too... i have nothing to hide anyways.

SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY I AM SO SORRY. i know its a pain in the ass to change your flists. :(
:( forgive me

+jethro_walrus is no more. *weep*

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after all, you make me horny... so lets get down. [17 Oct 2004|01:12am]
whos in the mood for spam? i know i sure am! meme time guys!!!


i've supplied the first one. :)

okay so im getting another lj, one that will only be friended to uber close people. pretty much it'll show the same stuff... more spam on this one i suppose but just because i keep forgetting to friend posts and stuff so im going to make this journal public. yay.

k do a little spam, take a little survey, go jedi knight on some poor random dude walking down the road, i dont care... but look at the surveys. they're cool.

dude what happened to my yogurt?Collapse )

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[16 Oct 2004|12:07am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Your LiveJournal Wedding by patronusintheyard
Are you down with G-O-D?
Your Groom/Bridekatethegreatest
Flower Girlnyyankee2jeter
Ring Bearerandrea_eats_it
Best Mangummybears4life
Maid of Honormari_mac1109
Organ Playerprincess_83
Maid who walks in on your honeymoonposessed_angel9
Your rebelious, satanic childsplinched
Quiz created with MemeGen!

haha. could have been better, but i like the last one. rock on, spanks!
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Utah Was Fun [11 Oct 2004|06:22pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

well. ive had an interesting weekend, and id rather like to tell you all about it.

This weekend's firsts:
+saw star wars
+listened to Avril and enjoyed it
+Went to Nevada
+Saw Laughlin
+Ate Carl's Junior in Nevada
+Played in a play ground thing in Nevada
+Sang in a parking lot in Nevada
+Went through Las Vegas
+Saw the strip
+took pictures in nevada.
+went to utah
+saw trees that were multi colored (wow)
+saw grass that didnt make sick crunching noises when you step in it
+lost my camera with vegas pics in the pretty grass
+went to wal-mart in Utah
+got a batman shirt
+sat in an empty wal-mart parking lot with Naomi in Utah
+watched the village in utah
+stayed in a hotel in utah
+had a very loud ice fight with damien in utah
+lied about having an ice fight in utah
+was forced to compete in the tech olympics
+got to saw
+sucked at sawing
+messed up my hand while sawing
+got interviewed for the newpaper (yeah!)
+witnessed sean get three girls in his bed at once (i was one of em!)
+had a 'purple' room
+called people at 2 am from the hotel phone
+saw monolouges and duos (fantastic)
+had fun at the awards ceremony
+stopped in mcguiresville, Az for soda and potty breaks
+watched eric and lyndsey make a talk show at 3 am
+won the tryouts for the motto-sayer for the talk show
+got home at 4:30 am...

and thats it.

also, i had an interesting convo about cutting. a lot of people do it, i was suprised. of course ,we showed off some scars/newly created cuts on my leg (thanks to a wave of emo and a particularly sharp rock) and i didnt feel all icky about it.

i got my corset... :-D and my thigh highs. they're both lovely and i enjoy them A LOT.

meh i guess thats it... when i get the pics developed, i'll get em up.

i want an i-pod. and BADLY.


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[25 Sep 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

i just wrote an entry that was angsty. deleted it. i'll spare you.

ugh ive got layouts to do tonight and a funeral to go to tomorrow... i dont own anything black, i WISH i did.

i did somethingto my hair... i babysat last night and the lady gave me this conditioner that's bright red. it makes red hair more, well, red. and luminous and whatnot. my hair isnt dry so i dont know if it worked, but i feel bad because im going to be dying it black. ah well i got 50 bucks to go along with it so it doesnt matter.

im TIRED and im TIRED.

i watched peter pan last night. live. like the play. AMAZING oh if only we could pull it off at school... i am in LOVE with it and peter pan has made a return in my list of obsessions, i love it.

UGGGHHH im listening to breaking the habit and its giving me bad ideas.

i want a new sn. im thinking EatASkrewt, inspired by katethegreatest

i dont know, im disgruntled.


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baby dont hurt me [11 Sep 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

well im DEFFINATELY in a better mood, despite a few things that are bugging me...

i was thinking about deleting my journal because of the drama it causes but some of my bestest buddies are flist peoples and i would miss them oh too much.

beau jest is great. actors are skipping whole pages so our cues are getting messed up, but only one messed up cue was our fault yesterday, and thats damn good because its only our second tech rehersal.

well im going to watch edward scissorhands i think. toodles.


ps- haha my paid lj went bye bye. so depressing.

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NO MUGGLES BEYOND THIS POINT! [04 Jul 2004|02:35am]

If you cant read this, you either:
1. arent logged in
2. arent my friend or
3. i cut you during my flist cut. if i cut you, you arent getting back on.
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